What’s In Your Bike Bag?

If you're a woman and have attended a bridal shower, baby shower, or a TupperWare party, there’s a good chance you’ve played the game “What’s In Your Purse?”  You’re given a list of random items, dump the contents of your handbag and and check off what you have.  The person who has the most wins.

Like many women I admit to carrying items seldom used, but have stowed away “just in case”.  Do I  really need all those receipts,  three different shades of lip gloss, and a year old cough drop?  Ummmm….no!


After seeing the Bikeyface strip in the pages of July’s Bicycle Times I decided it was time to play “What’s In Your Bike Bag?” I dumped out my handlebar bag and checked out what I had been pedaling around with.  Would I be like the guy in the comic and have way more stuff than needed?


Yep, you guess it!  There were things I didn’t even know were in there and stuff totally unnecessary.  A rubber band?  A reflector off a pedal?  TWO can koozies!?!  TWO first aid kits?  Foot warmers?  It’s June Melanie!!  An ankle reflective strip? A receipt from a trail permit purchased last year?  Dried out wet wipes?

Check...check..check....and CHECK!  I win!!!

There are countless internet articles discussing what to take on bike rides. Bicycling Magazine recommends comparing the ride you’re about to take with what you have packed.  Other articles suggest going through your bag often to remove, replace, or replenish items. 

Putting these suggestions to use I took out unnecessary and redundant belongings.  I won’t be winning future games of What’s In Your Bike Bag but I will have more room for really important stuff like snacks and my camera!

Happy Riding!

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