Bike Picnic

Have you ever noticed how food tastes better when you eat it outside?  With summertime upon us why not plan a biking picnic?  

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

You don’t have to ride far, and you don’t have to pack a big spread.  Keep the menu simple and the destination fun.  Here are a few ides for combining a bike ride with alfresco dining:  

The Food

  • Select finger foods that won’t require packing utensils.
  • Use containers to prevent your goodies from being squished during the ride.
  • Lighten your load by packing a drink container and stackable cups instead of individual drinks.
  • Freeze juice boxes for a diy ice pack when the destination requires a longer bike ride.
  • Keep it super simple with pre-packed meals from the deli counter at your local grocery store or takeout from your favorite restaurant.
  • Skip packing food altogether!  Ride to your favorite food truck and find a shady spot nearby.


The Gear

  • A backpack works well if you don’t have a basket, bag, or rack on your bicycle.
  • Soft sided cooler, insulated lunch box, small picnic basket or tote.
  • Cloth napkins if you’re feeling fancy or paper towels if you’re not.
  • Wet wipes
  • Blanket or beach towel
  • Plastic grocery sack for trash
  • Frisbee, ball, book, magazine, or card games for some added fun.


The Destination

  • Plan a family ride to a local park for a picnic and some playtime.
  • Cycle to an outdoor concert.
  • Meet friends for a picnic potluck.
  • Pedal to a local beach and soak up some sun.
  • Catch up on your summer reading with a book and a snack outside your local library.
  • Ride to the local ball field to cheer on the players from your picnic blanket.
  • Take a trip to city’s sculpture park for a sandwich and side of culture.

Enjoying a meal outside after a fun ride on your bike is one of the best ways to spend a sunny summertime day.

Happy Riding!