Iowa Outdoors Magazine

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources regulates fishing and hunting and works to conserve our state's natural environment.  Something else the Iowa DNR does is publish one of the most interesting and beautiful magazines I’ve subscribed to!  

Picture:  Iowa DNR

Picture:  Iowa DNR

Iowa Outdoors is a bimonthly periodical that showcases Iowa in all her glory.  With fantastic pictures and interesting articles, readers are inspired to visit places in Iowa they’ve never been or had perhaps forgotten about.  They can also learn about the habitat living within the state.

Each issue profiles a state park, tips for spending time outdoors, and articles featuring the flora and fauna from the Hawkeye State.   There are even delicious recipes for dishes made with seasonal local ingredients.   Iowa Outdoors shows readers how Iowa much more than flat fields planted with corn and soybeans.

Since receiving a subscription as a gift, I’ve held on to each issue.  Often I find myself rereading articles or thumbing through just to look at the wonderful photography.  During the cold Iowa winters, looking at a past spring issue eases the wintertime blues.  I’ve been inspired to get out and explore new bike trails thanks to this magazine.  Archived issues have come in handy when planning trips around the state.  

Are you an Iowan who loves the outdoors?  Maybe you’re looking for reasons to get outside and explore.  Perhaps you live outside the state and are curious about what Iowa is like.  Or, maybe you’re an Iowa transplant wanting to stay in touch with your roots.  If you fit into any of these scenarios, consider a subscription. Trust me, it will be the best thing to arrive in your mailbox every two months.  

Happy Riding!

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