Bike Ride Treasure

When I was a little girl living in California my grandpa had a friend named Mr. Carson.  He took early morning walks around the neighborhood and would often return with something he found on his route.  Typically they were small toys like a car, an army man, or a bouncy ball.  Mr. Carson would give his found treasures to my grandpa telling him to pass them along to the grandkids.  

My thoughts return to Mr. Carson when I find something along the bike trail.  Most items I leave in their spot hoping the owner will retrace their steps and find what they lost.  But, there have been a couple of small items, like Mr. Carson, I’ve put in my pocket or bike bag and later passed them along to someone who will enjoy them. 

I’ve been keeping a photographic diary of the things I find while out on Iowa bike rides.  I’m sure my picture gallery will continue to grow as bike rides seem to also be a treasure hunt of sorts.  Maybe on my next bike ride I’ll find some gold doubloons!