Mother Nature's Playlist

With so many lovely sounds out on the bike trail I always choose to leave my earbuds and music behind.  Mother Nature always provides me a more engaging playlist:

The meditative sound of flowing past my ears.

Tires singing on the trail surface.

A symphony only songbirds can provide.

Crunching gravel from an oncoming car at a trail intersection.


Friendly greetings and a little girl exclaiming “I’m riding my bike too!”

A rooster pheasant cackling from it’s hiding place.

Ringing bike bells from a passing cyclists.

A squirrel chattering from a tree overhead.

The rumbling sounds of my bike crossing a wooden bridge.

Water gurgling in a trailside stream.

Rustling of a deer walking the forest floor.

The warning squeak of a chain needing attention.

Church bell tolls in small town Iowa.

Whispers of the wind in the grasses

Frogs croaking from their marshy home.

  Hearing my inner self provide an answer I’ve been seeking.