30 Days of Biking - Week One


  • The week before the pledge began I visited Beaverdale Bicycles to get the Iron Giant some needed gear for making running errands around town easier.  My bike now sports a rear rack, grocery pannier, headlight and rear light.
  • I also put together a list of places close by I could ride to if I would be unable to go for a long ride.


  • Getting on the bike for a short spin around town on days 1 and 2 was a nice break in the day. Days 3 and 4 were less enjoyable due to fog, rain, and wind.  
  • It's been fun posting daily pictures on Instagram.  Watching the #30daysofbiking feed has been interesting too.  The folks up in Minnesota did a great job staying positive after getting dumped on with more snow.
  • On the gray gloomy days I used a blaze orange hunters vest to help me be visible. For me, It’s an inexpensive alternative to a high-viz cycling jacket.  


Day 1 - Centennial Park 

Day 2 - Neighborhood Ride

Day 3 - Errand Ride  

Day 4 - Neighborhood Ride

Day 5 - Summerset Trail

Day 6 -  Raccoon River Valley Trail

Day 7 - Errand Ride


After a successful first week on the pledge I'm considering setting a mileage goal for week two.  Maybe an extra 15 miles on top of my weekly rides just to keep things interesting? We'll see how it goes.

Happy Riding!