30 Days of Biking - Week Four

My last week of the challenge started out on a frustrating note.  The Iron Giant's back tire and tube needed to be replaced due to vandalism the week prior.  I completed the task only to discover the results my shoddy work the next morning.   Nothing looks sadder than a flat tire on a bike!  Apparently I damaged the tube in the process of wrestling the stiff new tire onto the rim. I felt like a failure!  I headed off to Bike World where their helpful employees came to the rescue so I could spend the sunny afternoon out on the trails.

April showers had me racing to beat the rain on most of my neighborhood rides.  

Racing out the door to hit the trail on day 25 I neglected to consider the importance of sunscreen.  The sunny and calm (a rarity) day was perfect for riding and I returned with my first sunburn of the season.  I seem to be on my way to having those infamous cyclist tan lines.

Day 27 was humorous.  I took a ride up to the local convenience store to grab the Sunday newspaper.  Since I was running inside to make a quick purchase I chose to leave my bike helmet on.  When paying at the register, the clerk asked me if I was purchasing gasoline too. Umm no!



Day 22 - Des Moines Regional Trails

Day 23 - Neighborhood Ride

Day 24 - Neighborhood Ride

Day 25 - Raccoon River Valley Trail

Day 26  - Neighborhood Ride

Day 27 - Errand Ride

Day 28 - Errand Ride

Day 29 - Neighborhood Ride

Day 30 - Errand Ride

Signing up for 30 Days of Biking was a great decision.  At the beginning I was nervous about riding in the unpredictable spring weather and worried how the requirement of riding each day may negatively impact my attitude towards biking.  How happy I am my concerns were unfounded.  Daily rides have been a joy even in the fog and rain.  Last year I never rode when the wind was above 15mph.  Now, thanks to 30 Days of Biking, I can now manage through blustery conditions.  

The month just flew by and I’m feeling a bit melancholy about the challenge ending.  But knowing daily riding doesn’t have to come to an end eases the sadness of seeing April go.  I need to go as well...to go on my daily bike ride.

Happy Riding!