Bikes To You

While in Grinnell visiting family I took the opportunity to stop in at Bikes To You for a quick visit.  Located downtown, this well rounded bike shop has been in Grinnell since 1992. They offer a great selection of bicycles, bike repairs, custom fittings, and RAGBRAI charters.  The store has two sides.  One is a bike showroom and the other side has accessories and gear.  

Bikes To You is an official RAGBRAI bike shop.  They have a great selection of bicycles ranging from trikes for toddlers to road bikes for the professionals. Service and repair are available at the shop along with custom bike fittings.  

Bicycles and accessories are available to rent.   Cruisers, recreational, and gravel rode bikes can be rented for a few hours, days, or even a year!   A helmet and lock is included in each rental.  Clipless pedals, fenders and racks are just a few of the accessories available to rent.  Bikes To You is a great store for someone considering becoming a cyclist.  Rental options give fledglings an opportunity to "try before you by".  

Along with a great selection of bikes to choose from Bikes To You has a wide variety of cycling gear.  I browsed around looking at clothing, helmets, shoes, and even tents before choosing a new pair of socks.  A fantastic RAGBRAI t-shirt quilt in the shape of Iowa hanging on the wall caught my eye. The colorful selection of disc golf gear at the back of the store was also fun surprise.

With such great biking products and helpful service I’ll definitely be back for another visit at this friendly store. Renting a gravel bike and exploring the roads around Grinnell will be a perfect summertime adventure.  

Happy Riding!