30 Days of Biking - Week Three

Three weeks into the pledge and I still look forward to my daily rides.  Back in March I was concerned  that riding my bike every day might change bike rides from something I want to do into a chore I have to do.  Thankfully my concerns have been unfounded.

Daily rides have become routine and second nature.  There have even been days where having already gotten in a ride earlier, I hop back onto the Iron Giant for another fun spin around the neighborhood.  

This week did have a dose of stress.  On a trip out of town my bike’s rear tire was cut in a parking lot while secured to my car rack.  It was upsetting to discover the vandalism but I was glad the damage was limited to the tire and nothing from my bike had been stolen.

On day 21 I went to the grocery store on my bike for the first time.  I kept my purchases to a minimum on this maiden voyage and had a successful trip.  I’ll be using my bike from now on when only a few items are needed at the store.

It’s hard to believe there’s only a few days left in the challenge!  Will I be sad when the challenge is over?  Will I discontinue my daily riding?  What will the end of April bring?  


Day 15 - High Trestle Trail

Day 16 - Inter-Urban Trail

Day 17 - Errand Running

Day 18 - Raccoon River Valley Trail

Day 19    Ada Hayden Heritage Park

Day 20 - Neighborhood Ride

Day 21 - Grocery Store

Happy Riding!