30 Days of Biking - Week Two


Every type of weather was experienced this week.  Sunny and 80 degree temperatures, wind, rain, and even snow. Ugh!  Most of my rides were short but I did manage to put in an extra 12 miles.  Not the 15 I was hoping for. Rats!

My pannier was put to use for commuting to the local YMCA.  It worked great with a yoga and gym bag fitting perfectly inside.

I’ve become hyper-aware of fellow cyclists.  I seem to be always scanning bike racks, paths, and streets for bicycles.

Day 11 taught me the importance of getting my ride in during the morning hours.  With unforeseen responsibilities popping up in the day I was left with only enough time for a short evening ride.

Bands of thunderstorms resulted in a soggy Day 13.  I rode in the rain for a couple of blocks before returning home to dry off.  I wore a rain jacket and rain pants but didn’t realize how wet my feet would get.  Raindrops also found their way through the vents of my helmet.  Obviously my gear isn’t as rain-ready as I had thought!

Waking up to more snow on Day 14 was depressing.  When is spring going to settle in and stay for a while?  I ran a couple of errands around town and wondered when I’ll be able to put away my cold weather gear.


Day 8 -  YMCA

Day 9 -  Clive Greenbelt

Day 10 -  Neighborhood Ride

Day 11 - Neighborhood Ride

Day 12 - Raccoon River Valley Trail

Day 13 - Neighborhood Ride

Day 14 - Errand Running

The weather for week three looks to be reasonable. Hopefully it will be easier to get some longer rides in.

Happy Riding!