Skunk River Cycles

There’s several reasons I love Ames, Iowa; the beautiful campus of Iowa State University, their eclectic variety of restaurants, and a vibrant downtown area.  Most visits to Ames include a stop on main street for either window shopping, the farmers market, or a cupcake.  I'll admit the majority of visits involve cupcakes, but after my recent excursion they’ll be sure to also include Skunk River Cycles.

The bicycles parked outside their storefront drew me in and before I knew it I was inside. What a great store!  All types of cyclists are welcomed here from kids on tricycles and athletes training for their next competition, to those who prefer to keep their rides at home on a stationary bike. They have a wide variety of cycling accessories including ISU jerseys. I found a Jandd seat pack in my favorite color and knew it would be making the trip back home with me. 

Skunk River Cycles is a premier Cannondale dealer but they also have other brands to choose from .  I spotted some Surley fat bikes and Raleigh road bikes. They have a full service department and host trainer nights on Thursdays during the winter months.  I was surprised to learn they sell and rent cross country skis!   For those wanting to try their hand at this sport, Skunk River Cycles is the place to go.

While at the register I checked out a display case of cycling artifacts and also discovered a cat sleeping underneath a rack of clothing.  Rover the Shop Cat has been an employee since 2012.  He must work pretty hard based on how sleepy he looked.

This bike shop is now on my list of reasons why I love Ames.  If you’re in the area be sure to visit downtown and check out Skunk River Cycles and say ‘hi’ to Rover!

Happy Riding!