Indoor Cycling Etiquette

If you're like me, the bulk of your riding takes place indoors for the winter.  Whether your attending a cycling class or are putting miles in on your own, using bicycle etiquette indoors is just as important as it is out on the bike trail.  

Des Moines YMCA cycling instructor Bill Roach provided the following reminders in his latest email newsletter.  Give them a quick review before you head out to your next studio/class bike ride:

Photo:  Walnut Creek YMCA

Photo:  Walnut Creek YMCA


Reserving bikes:  Classes will get full as the winter progresses.  It’s okay to come to class early to reserve a bike for yourself by placing a towel or water bottle on it.  But please don’t reserve bikes for others who are not yet there.  Bike availability is first come, first serve.  In fairness to the people who are there, we do not permit reserving bikes for people who are not yet there.  Also, be sure you are on your bike saddle when class starts.  Unoccupied bikes can be given away when class starts even if they were reserved.  

Talking in class:  We want the Y to be a social place to be with friends but that goal has to be measured against the possible disruption of the class for the other members.  Please remember that your voice carries more than you might realize and that others around you can probably hear you.  Compare the distraction to talking in a theater.  A few words are sometimes okay, an extended conversation is not. 

Stretching off the bikes:  Instructors will lead a few upper body stretches while on the bike at both the beginning and end of class.  But, please, use the floor for stretching your legs.  Don’t put your legs or feet on the bike as a stretching device.  Putting your feet on the saddle, especially with cleats, can tear the seat fabric.  Putting your feet on the handlebars can tear the computer module off the bike or otherwise scratch the bike.  

Cleaning the bikes: The dried residue of your sweat is sticky and unpleasant to the touch.  Yup. So please get a spray bottle and a blue rag and wipe down your bike after class.  Put some spray on the rag and wipe all the areas where sweat has fallen.  And, please don’t spray directly onto the computer module.