Bike Lingo at Baldy’s

While biking down the High Trestle Trail with my sister we decided to grab a snack in Madrid at Baldy’s Grill and Chill. Not only does this bar and grill serve great homemade food (we shared nachos and potato skins) but the ambiance is fantastic.  Originally the location for American Legion 341, it’s a charming spot with a tin ceiling, wood floors, cozy booths, a stocked bar.

My favorite aspect of Baldy’s is the cycling decor.  A vintage bike stands guard on top the beer cooler.  Historic pictures of the area hang on the walls along with a large collage of cycling vocabulary near the entryway.

While we enjoyed our snack my sister and I brushed up on our bike lingo.  There were quite a few terms I was familiar with but they were outnumbered by unfamiliar words like prang and knurled.  

It was interesting how many were food related.  Corn dog, burrito, taco, bacon, cheese grater, giblets, when tied to cycling, fit their definition perfectly.  Is this proof that cyclists are also foodies?  I say yes!

On the wall in smaller print I found a new word that describes my riding perfectly.  Pokes:  Someone that always lingers in the back of the pack.

Happy Riding!