A Bike Rack Alternative

Using my bike rack to transport bicycles is a pain in the buns!  The bike rack is an older style with arms that do not fold down.  Unfortunately, instead of leaving it attached to a vehicle it's necessary to remove it when not in use.  I've always shuttled bicycles using my Highlander and preparing for a family ride is quite the process:

  1. Get bikes ready to ride. 
  2. Dig rack out of the garage. 
  3.  Find key to hitch lock.
  4.  Find wrench for tightening hitch bolt.
  5.  Unlock hitch lock. 
  6. Plug bike rack into hitch and secure. 
  7. Lift/wrestle bikes onto rack.
  8. Secure bikes with straps and extra bungee cords.
  9. Arrive at ride location.
  10. Unhook straps and bungee cords.
  11. Remove bikes from rack.
  12. Go on bike ride.
  13. Repeat steps 7 through 11.

Yes, a good bike ride on an Iowa trail is worth the hassle.  Yes, I could upgrade to a more user-friendly bike rack, but I'd rather put money towards another bike.  There's got to be a easier way!


Recently I used my husbands pickup to try a "stow and go" method of using a tailgate as a bike rack.  It was hassle free and got us out on the bike trail a lot quicker.  I didn't have to remove the bottle cage on my son's bike in order for it to fit on a rack. The bikes didn't get scratched up from rubbing against each other.  Additional budgie cords were not necessary.  The only thing needed for this process was something to protect the tailgate.  

The tailgate bike rack worked like a charm.  What a great way to simplify the process of getting the family out on the bike trail.  I'm crossing my fingers this bike rack alternative will lead to more frequent family rides. 

Happy Riding!