Am I Forgetting Something?

I’ve left without money.  I’ve left without a helmet.  I’ve left without a winter hat.  I’ve left without water.  I’ve left without food.  Sheesh!  What’s next?  Leaving without my bike?

Iowa-Bike-Rides-Ride List.PNG

There are items I like having with me on a bike ride and it’s high time I figure out a way to not leave without them.  I was considering putting together a checklist, printing it out and keeping it somewhere.  But where?  Sometimes my rides start from home, so keeping it in the car won’t work.  I am riding my husbands bike this winter and it doesn’t have a handlebar bag to keep a checklist in.  I was stumped until I realized the one thing I always take with me on a ride is my phone.  

I decided to use the iphone app, Notes for creating my list.  In no time at all I had crafted my “Bike Ride Prep List” and felt pretty silly about never thinking of this solution before.  Duh!  I’m sure over time I’ll find items to add, but for now, having this checklist will (hopefully) prevent me from leaving for a bike ride without my bicycle.

Happy Riding!