Don't Get Overwhelmed - Just Ride!

Over the past weeks I’ve been working towards a goal of learning more about cycling.  This has included making trips to the local libraries, checking out books, and taking notes.  Often I’ve closed the covers of a book feeling overwhelmed by all the jargon, recommendations, and requirements in the world of cycling.  What have I gotten myself into?

There’s one book that didn’t leave me wondering if I can even consider myself a cyclist!  It’s the book Just Ride by Grant Petersen. The author has been riding his bike every day since Earth Day in 1970!  He is also the founder or Rivendell Bicycle Works.  

Just Ride is an easy read that puts a beginning cyclist such as myself at ease.  I really liked his attitude towards topics such as short bike rides, cycling clothing, kickstands, and keeping your bike clean.

"Riding is best for you when it's frun."  - Grant Petersen

"Riding is best for you when it's frun." - Grant Petersen

He explains how professional racing has influenced the cycling world resulting in people thinking in order to a “real” cyclist means owning a bike that costs more than $1k, wearing racing jerseys and lycra on rides, pedaling faster than 15mph with your clipless pedals and spending up to 4 hours at a time on a ride.   Thankfully those are all misconceptions.  

Mr. Petersen also spends time covering topics such as how to ride your bike up hills, over bumps and around corners.  He also addresses topics such as useful bicycle accessories, bike maintenance,  riding safe, and the best types of clothes to wear on a ride. 

To learn more about cycling and be pointed in the right direction, Just Ride is the perfect read.

Happy Riding!