Cold Weather Bike Rides

This is the first year I’ve extended my bike riding into the colder months.  So far the trails are snow and ice free and the temps haven’t been dangerously cold.  It’s been great not being cooped up inside (yet) getting out for a ride and watching nature change seasons.  

Learning how to stay warm has been an experience.  Each ride has included another layer or two.  There are days where I feel a lot like Bekka Wright over at Bikeyface.

For days where it’s 40 degrees or colder out I usually wear a lovely ensemble using a combination of hiking and running cold weather gear:

  • Skull cap

  • Neck gaiter -  to pull up over my nose if needed.

  • Wicking short sleeved undershirt

  • Long sleeve lined shirt

  • Waterproof lined jacket with hood

  • Fleece gloves

  • Bike shorts

  • Fleece tights

  • Wool socks

  • Waterproof hiking shoes

The most challenging areas to keep warm have been my hands and feet.  I recently started wearing my hiking shoes after reading online that waterproof hiking boots can help keep your feet warm.  So far this has worked.  I keep some feet warmers in my handlebar bag just in case.

Keeping my hands and fingers warm is still a work in progress.  Since I take pictures using my iphone I’m always taking off my right glove. The gloves that I have work okay but sometimes my fingers get a bit frosty. I need to look into a better option.  Perhaps find gloves that are smart phone friendly so I don’t need to expose my digits to the cold.

Mastering bike riding in cold weather is a work in progress for me.  I haven’t gotten all the kinks worked out, but it certainly has been worth it.


Happy Riding!