My Biking Goals for a Fun 2014

For most folks, the beginning of a new year means resolutions, goal setting, or putting together a to-do list for the next 12 months.  This year I’m centering my goals around biking. To help me reach my goals I have a specific plan for each one:

Goal:  Do a better job of keeping the Iron Giant cleaned.

Plan:  Create a cleaning “kit” and keep it in the back of my vehicle.  That way I can wipe away the grime before I put the bike away

Goal:  Learn the basics of bike maintenance.

Plan: Do some research online or check out some books from the library.  See if there are any local workshops I could attend to learn some of the fundamentals. 

Goal:  Participate in a group ride.

Plan:  Periodically check the ride calendar at BikeIowa to find a ride that's a good fit for me and my style of biking. 

Goal:  Go on more bike rides outside of central Iowa.  

Plan:  Make travel arrangements for biking the Trout Run Trail in Decorah. 

Goal:  Try mountain biking.

Plan:  Ride the single track trails at Peterson Pits in Ames.

This is the first year I’ve got a list of goals I’m actually excited to tackle!  Lots of bike rides, new experiences, and unexplored trails await!!  It’s going to be a fun 2014!

Happy Riding!