Bike Ride Gear - DIY Winter Hat

Iowa-Bike-Rides-DIY Hat.JPG

For crying out loud!! Really??  It’s 25 degrees outside and you forgot your HAT??

Nope, this wasn’t a mom venting her frustration with her kid, it was me talking to myself on the way over to Urbandale.  I was half way there when I realized I forgot to put my winter hat in the car with my other bike gear.

I sure wasn’t turning around to go back for a hat.  I went through the list of stores between home and the park.  Who sells hats?  Menards?  The truck stop?  Maybe, but I wasn’t going to find out.

Time to get creative!  I realized I could “make” my own hat of sorts out of a ball cap and a bandana that I happened to have in the back of my vehicle.  Taaadaaaa!!  Head and ears covered. Who needs a winter hat for a bike ride?   Sure, I looked goofy, but who cares?  Thankfully my bike helmet fit over my diy headwear and I was off on my ride.

Happy Riding!