The Bike I Ride - The Iron Giant

Iowa-Bike-Rides-Iron Giant.jpg

Since 2010, I’ve been riding a Giant FCR 3.  I named it the Iron Giant referencing one of my favorite kid movies.

I bought the Iron Giant slightly used at the annual  Bike World warehouse sale.  It came with a water bottle holder, platform pedals and toe straps.  Over the years I’ve added a Jandd handlebar bag, compass/ bell, Trek Incite 8i computer, kickstand and for a humorous touch...Daffy Duck.

When traveling I rarely use a rack since my bike fits nicely in the back of my vehicle. But I will get out the Yamaka rack if i need extra space for bags or luggage.  

The bike computer shows I’ve ridden a total of 945 miles.  While the large majority of these miles have been on central Iowa bike trails, the Iron Giant and I have ventured outside of Iowa.  This past summer I was lucky enough to ride the beautiful Root River Trail in Minnesota.  

Other than replacing a tube, my bike hasn’t experienced any mechanical problems (knock on wood).  It is overdue for a tune up and will find it’s way to a local bike shop this winter.  

I’ve had so much fun riding the Iron Giant over the years.  I’ve had some great experiences, learned so many cool things about nature and Iowa history because of my bike.  I’m excited for more bike ride adventures with the Iron Giant.

Happy Riding!