It Wasn't Meant To Be

I had my route planned and all my bike gear packed.  All that was left to do was air up the tires and put my bike in the car before heading out on a bike ride.  


After a few pumps of air to get the back tire at the right PSI, I took off the pump nozzle from the valve stem.  SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.  The unmistakable sound of air escaping from a tire.  It was coming from around the now broken valve stem.  In a matter of seconds my tire was flat and I was on a trip to nowhere.

Despite the sunny day and warmer November temperatures my bike ride wasn’t meant to be.  Needless to say I was very frustrated.  I had this awesome place all mapped out for getting a yummy snack on my route!  Oh yeah, and I was looking forward to getting some exercise too!

Unfortunately, being the novice “cyclist” that I am, I don’t keep extra tubes on hand at home nor do I know how to take the back tire off of a bike with more than 1 gear.  

Looks like I’ve got some shopping to do and some skills to acquire.  

Happy Riding!