Oh The Places To Go!

Some days call for a ride close to home.  A quick ride on an urban trail with a stop at the library or the grocery store.  Other days I feel like taking a bike ride on a familiar trail with comforting scenes, and no surprises.  Then there are the days where an adventure is in order.  A different trail to explore with new experiences to be had.  So, where to go?

When I’m trying to decide on a location for a bike ride I find myself using the following sites to help me make up my mind:

Google Maps

I like to start with looking at the state of Iowa using the Bicycle view.  This visual perspective helps me figure out not only where trails are but also how far from home they are.  Zooming in I can get a birds eye view of the trail and learn the name of one I’m not familiar with.


TrailLink by Rails to Trails Conservancy

Search functionality allows me to quickly find the trail I have in mind.  Detailed trail descriptions are provided along with maps and photos.  Reviews of the trails gives me a good idea of what to expect.


Bike Iowa

Here I find out the status of the  trail I’m planning to visit, learn the history of the trail, what amenities are nearby sites and attractions to keep an eye out for and upcoming trail events.



These three sites are bookmarked in my browser and are my go-to resources for choosing and planning a new bike ride adventure.  Now, what bike trail shall I ride next?

Happy Riding!