The Wandering Library

Bicycling and books have come together with the Waukee Public Library's first mobile library. I came upon The Wandering Library while on a walk through Centennial Park.   After taking a few pictures I chatted with the lucky librarian who gets to ride his happy bicycle. 


The Yuba Spicy Curry cargo bike is from Ichi Bikes in Des Moines.  She explained how the electric motor comes in handy when the cargo bins are full of books.  

With the goals of encouraging summer reading and providing easy access to books the Wandering Library as participated in The Baccoon Ride, Fourth of July parade, and the Waukee Art Festival.  Over the summer it will be visiting local parks and neighborhoods.


Checking out books is easy.  If you don't happen to have your WPL library card with you, a photo ID will work.  Even if you don't need a book to read, be sure to stop and pick up a button or sticker.  


Keep up to date with where the mobile library will be via their Facebook page or on Twitter.

Happy Riding! 






Older is Cooler

During summer, I seek routes sprinkled with shade. But in a community dominated by urban growth, this is a challenge.  


Fortunately, my routes take me through the shady parts of town.  Here are houses with character and a canopy of trees.  It's only a few short blocks of respite, but they are the prettiest and the coolest.  


New may be hot but older is cooler.


30 Days of Biking - Week Three

Day 21

Pedaled over to the Public Safety Building to see the Freedom Rock created by Ray Sorensen   This rock used to be outside a local church but was later moved to its new home.  Makes more sense to me. 


Day 22

What a pretty morning!  Rode to Dallas Center again today.  I finally remembered to take along my binoculars, so of course, I didn't come across anything noteworthy.  Who needs fancy art at a trailhead when you can have beautiful Redbud trees?


Day 23

Felt kinda bad about locking my bike up to the railing but when there's no other choice whaddyagunnado?  I've yet to leave this store having only spent $1. 



Day 24

Holy cow was it windy today!  This is when it's great to ride in town.  Pedaled down to Water Works Park to sniff the Crabapples.  Forgot to bring along a water bottle and got a bit parched.  Funnily enough, the water fountain at Water Works Park wasn't working.  


Day 25

Found a good spot to toss prairie seed bombs while riding to Dallas Center.  I'm crossing my fingers the seeds have a chance.  The spot I picked is grassy and doesn't have any of that wild parsnip growing.  


Day 26

Today was to the post office and back.  Wonder if anyone else has noticed how there's always empty booze bottles under the pine tree. 



Day 27

It's official.  I've run out of creative spots for taking bike photos around town.  What am I going to do if I take the pledge again next year?  Oh, I know!  Move to Minneapolis!!!  Dream on kid...


Day 28

Remember when there used to be an old gas station next to the ice cream shop?  One pump and one stall for working on cars?  You'd never know it now.  The business that took over the building sure did a great job landscaping. The filter I chose put the pinks a bit over the top huh?


Day 29

Every time I see this sign I think "Stay true Bill...Stay true!"  Today's a day where this blog needs to be changed to "Random Weird Stuff I Think About While Riding My Bicycle". But that's just too long for a URL.  


Day 30

Last pledge ride today and a part of me is glad.  The rain, wind and gray got old and my bowl of Instagrams got a bit stale. Bring on May, summer, and long rides out on the bike trails.  

Happy Riding!


30 Days of Biking - Week Two

Day Eleven

Rode the West Des Moines trails today and made sure to ride past the Dandelion sculpture. Wonder if the artist lets them grow in their yard.  


Day Twelve

Went looking for my favorite tree along the Clive Greenbelt.  I need to keep this spot in mind for a future coffee outside bike ride.  


Day Thirteen

Rode my town loop today.  Heard a Meadow Lark when taking this picture.  Then a car showed up and slowly rode behind me the rest of the way out of the park. Weird.


Day Fourteen

At the beginning of 30 Days of Biking I had intended to incorporate a lot of trail rides.  However, it's not turning out like I thought.  Today was another ride around town.  I'm getting bored with my town loop and need to get out on a trail soon.  


Day Fifteen

Took a few books over to a sharing library.  Once upon a time, Waukee had just one of these. I've lost count of how many there are now.  A bicycle-theme design would be cool.


Day Sixteen

The day almost got away from me before I got my ride in.  Andie the hardware store cat jumped into the window after I took this picture.  I think she gets lonely on Sunday's.  She was looking up at me and meowing like she wanted some attention.  


Day Seventeen

FINALLY a trail ride.  A light breeze, sun, and coffee outside!  "Cheers to that!!" It's been interesting how bike riding has taught me about me.  There's quite a long list of stuff I've "learned" since beginning this blog.  The recent realization is how little I enjoy riding my bike in town.  


Day Eighteen

My favorite springtime flowers are blooming.  Wonder if anyone would miss a few of these lilacs.  


Day Nineteen

Pedaled over to the house that's waiting to be torn.  A car dealership is going to be built in its place.  This picture will help me remember the cool old farmhouse with the awesome porch.  Hope the former residents are living somewhere nice and aren't sad.  


Day Twenty

Didn't feel like riding my bike today.  Decided to skip it and watch reruns of Friends.  But then the episode where Phobe finally gets the bicycle of her dreams came on.  


30 Days of Biking - Week One

Pledge Day

I can't believe it's been four years since I learned about 30 Days of Biking!  I broke 1,000 when taking the pledge. That's gotta be a good sign.


Day One

Here I thought my first ride would be a short jaunt to the ice cream shop (they open for the season today) but instead, I rode the High Trestle Trail from Woodward to Slater.  It was another gloomy day but I didn't mind.  Saw a lot of new stuff that's showed up since I rode there.  


Day Two

The gloom continues.  Road my "town route".  Glad I took the bike with the rear fender.  Returned home unscathed by puddles and mud.  


Day Three

This 30 Days of Biking really can test your determination.  Today it's supposed to rain ALL DAY!  I guess I'll go ride the stupid spin bike at the YMCA instead of a super short ride in the rain. I feel like a total rainy-day wimp....just saw a little boy riding his bicycle home from elementary school.  Go kid go!


Day Four

It's been cloudy for-EV-r! My mood has been trying to match the weather.  So, today I did something to cheer myself up....went and found the sun.  


Day Five

Urban development strikes again.  Lucha libre comes to mind for some reason. The machines (rudos) look like monsters.  Especially when comparing their size to my bicycle (técnicos) .  


Day Six

Some days it seems folks around town find it strange to see me using my bike to run errands. Over the years I've gotten quite a few comments when I'm at the bike rack at the grocery store.  Today it was a strange look at the library drive-thru. How cool would it be if Waukee could become the Copenhagen of Iowa?  


Day Seven

The ride to Dallas Center this morning felt so fast and easy.  The way back was the opposite.  I told myself it was because of the wind and not to feel bad about the gears I was using and how slow I was going.  But I felt even more like a slug when I later discovered the headwind was really a light 8 mph breeze.  It seems biking is only easy for me when the wind helps out.


Day Eight

Celebrated Rails to Trails Opening Day by riding the Summerset Trai.  Today I thought a lot about changing the pedals on my bike to something more comfortable.  Something wider, grippy, in a fun color, and at a reasonable price.  Do these exist? 


Day Nine

Another town ride. Took my usual shortcut through the parking lot of "Vince" and stopped to take this picture.  Turns out Alonzo was also a farmer and charter member of the Waukee Farmers Co-Op.  I didn't know that until today.  Turns out this 30 Days of Biking can even be educational!


Day Ten

The to-do list is pretty long today, so didn't quite get all the way to Dallas Center before I had to turn around.  It always feels weird to turn around before reaching the next trail town.  I REALLY need to take my small binoculars on these spring bike rides.  Saw what turned out to be a small flock of Buffleheads on a farm field "puddle".  An up close view would have been so much better.