Waukee Trail Updates

The new neighborhood trail connecting the Waukee high school complex to the SE Bobwhite Lane is now open.  Great news for the small handful of students who walk or ride to school. This tiny stretch of trail could come in handy for accessing Heart of the Warrior trail.



Speaking of Heart of the Warrior....It's still closed at SE Alice's Road.  The new tunnel looks to be constructed.  Sure will be nice having a safer way to cross that busy street. 


Trailhead Update

New facilities at the Raccoon River Valley trailhead in Dallas Center. Bike racks, benches, bathrooms, and bottle friendly water fountains.  How happy is that!

Iowa-Bike-Rides-Dallas Center

The Wandering Library

Bicycling and books have come together with the Waukee Public Library's first mobile library. I came upon The Wandering Library while on a walk through Centennial Park.   After taking a few pictures I chatted with the lucky librarian who gets to ride his happy bicycle. 


The Yuba Spicy Curry cargo bike is from Ichi Bikes in Des Moines.  She explained how the electric motor comes in handy when the cargo bins are full of books.  

With the goals of encouraging summer reading and providing easy access to books the Wandering Library as participated in The Baccoon Ride, Fourth of July parade, and the Waukee Art Festival.  Over the summer it will be visiting local parks and neighborhoods.


Checking out books is easy.  If you don't happen to have your WPL library card with you, a photo ID will work.  Even if you don't need a book to read, be sure to stop and pick up a button or sticker.  


Keep up to date with where the mobile library will be via their Facebook page or on Twitter.

Happy Riding! 






Older is Cooler

During summer, I seek routes sprinkled with shade. But in a community dominated by urban growth, this is a challenge.  


Fortunately, my routes take me through the shady parts of town.  Here are houses with character and a canopy of trees.  It's only a few short blocks of respite, but they are the prettiest and the coolest.  


New may be hot but older is cooler.